FBA Inventory Reimbursements Made Easy
fba inventory reimbursement

To date, we have found and recovered $14,725,170 for our clients.

AMZRefund is the most powerful, robust, and affordable Amazon seller tool to find eligible reimbursements.

FBA Inventory Reimbursements

FBA Inventory Reimbursements are difficult to find. If you sell on Amazon with FBA, you are owed money for destroyed, lost, and others due to Amazon errors. AMZRefund is an Amazon seller software designed for this problem.

Powerful Amazon Seller Tool

Our app will do all the grunt work for you, allowing you to focus on what really matters; getting paid. After we run our calculations, you can purchase the report which includes instructions to getting reimbursed.

Damaged Inventory Manager

After generating a report, you can choose to purchase and unlock the orders you can claim reimbursements for. If you aren't reimbursed as much as we estimated, we immediately issue you a partial refund.

Quickly Increase Your Lost Revenue

We deliver money that is owed to you. Our 100% TOS compliant (non-automated) rescuer software shows you incorrect partial adjustments, lost inventory, damaged goods, bad claims and missing inventory reconciliation reports.

Amazon Seller Account Remains Confidential

AMZRefund does not keep track of any of the items you sell. After report generation, all of your reports are removed from temporary storage.

Fast Cloud Based Amazon Seller Tool Suite

Nothing to download, just simple instructions to follow. Once your credentials are setup, you can login into the refunds manager and generate reports at any time.

About Us

AMZRefund.com respects your privacy. We do not track what items you sell and we do not disclose any information about you or your selling habits to anyone. For more information, please see our Terms of Service.

What our customers have to say...

Im really happy and love the AMZrefund service that you do. It's obviously apparant to the merchants that amazon does not make it easy to get your money back from them.

We plan on continuing to use this quarterly. We're excited and thank you for your help with refunds, you guys are doing gods work I tell ya.

Amazon FBA Seller

Thanks for such an amazing tool! I’ve already recommended this to my brother.

Amazon FBA Seller

Thanks for the report. Your service is amazing and paid for itself within 24 hours.

Thanks again!

Amazon FBA Seller

Im sure I will use this service again in the future and will also recommend you guys in a couple social groups that I am apart of.

Amazon FBA Seller

Thank you very much for this wonderful refund service. I just purchased another report from you and will recommend this to my amazon seller friends.

Amazon FBA Seller

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